Konoko Falls and Gardens


The serenity of a genuine water garden, fed by streams that rise on a exquisite Jamaican property with Jamaican Spanish architecture,Spectacular mahoe water falls and a museum of island history.
Konoko Gardens offers a variety of attractions in one location, the Konoko Botanical Gardens, Konoko Falls and an Arawak Museum. The word Konoko is an Arawak word meaning “paradise”. The botanical water gardens feature pools of koi carp, snapper and turtles. One of the pools has a window in the side to watch the fish in their natural environment. There is also a river running through the gardens.
The Konoko Falls are like a smaller, more exclusive, version of Dunn’s River Falls. Visitors can climb the face of these falls (with a guide). However, unlike Dunn’s River Falls, you will not be part of a daisy-chain of 30 people. Konoko falls is much lest touristy, your party may even have the whole waterfalls to yourselves.